Shin Shiva Ayurvedashram - 3*, Chowara (Kerala)

Address: Chowara (p.o), Balaramapuram(via),Trivandrum, Kerala, South India

Overlooking the shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea and nestled among lush green palms, Shin Shiva offers you a chance to unwind and have a holiday of a life-time, while simultaneously rejuvenating your body and mind through effective, efficient Ayurvedic treatments as the resort has all the facilities to make your stay relaxed, comfortable and rejuvenating.

Located at Chowara, close to the famed Kovalam beach and about 30 kilometers from Trivandrum airport, Shin Shiva is the epitome of peace and tranquility. You can look forward to have a relaxing and rejuvenating stay at this resort. Set amidst verdant coconut gardens and the azure waters of Arabian Sea it ensures a holiday of your life time, where you can unwind your body and mind through authentic Ayurvedic treatments. We suggest this place for a serious ayurveda. They are doing Ayurveda in a very professional manner with no compromise on quality or service and has been appreciated by people from different parts of the world.

At Shin Shiva Ayurvedashram, the independent thatched-roof cottages and fully furnished rooms cater to the eclectic staying options of its tourists. In addition, there is an open air yoga centre, Ayurvedic restaurant, well equipped treatment rooms, well-maintained gardens with paved walkways, herbal nursery, modern telecommunication facilities, 24 hour room service, and travel help desk to make your stay pleasant and hassle free.

Ayurveda at Shin Shiva Ayurvedashram

Ayurveda is an Indian system of medical treatment that has evolved over millenniums. Culled from ancient Vedic literature and refined through centuries of painstaking practice, Ayurveda is the synthesis of human knowledge about various physical and mental ailments that afflict mankind, and the herbal based preventive/remedial options available to combat them.

Ayurveda is literally the combination of two Sanskrit words: Ayu meaning Life, and Veda meaning Knowledge. Like every great body of knowledge, the origin of Ayurveda is lost in hoary history. For the wise men who devoted their entire lives to the study of life sustaining medicines, Ayurveda was not about defying death. Rather it was about prolonging youth and keeping diseases at bay.

Ayurveda is a living growing body of knowledge, which promotes positive health, natural beauty and long life. What differentiates Ayurveda from other systems of medicines is its very approach to treatment. Taking a holistic view, an Ayurvedic practitioner treats the patient - body, mind and soul - rather than the disease, and aims at restoring the natural harmony and balance of the individual. Herbal remedies, external therapies, diet control, yoga, meditation and life style adjustments form part of the Ayurvedic package.

Yoga at Shin Shiva Ayurvedashram

Within the body, exists a series of minor and major energy centers, called chakras. The word chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel" or "disk". Each of the seven major chakras has its' own distinct character and relates to a unique aspect of our being. The chakras correlate to levels of consciousness, body functions, colors, elements, sounds, and much more. The blockage or energetic dysfunction in the chakras is believed to give rise to physiological, emotional, and spiritual disorders.

Anatomically, the seven major charkas are located either along, or just in front of, the spine following a central energy line called the Sushumna. Associated with the chakras is a latent subtle energy called kundalini. At the base of the spine lies the first chakra, called the Muladhara. Within the first chakra, latent consciousness-energy called the kundalini-shakti exists. The Kundalini-shakti can be aroused and directed up the Sushumna. This energy can ascend through each chakra until it reaches the seventh or crown chakra, called the Sahasrara. Within the crown chakra, the kundalini shakti unites with Paramashiva, the Supreme Shiva, bringing one to a state of oneness with the Absolute.


- Special Kerala bungalow

- Special Kerala Wooden Bungalow

- Kerala Bungalow

- Kerala Wooden Bungalow

- Navaratna Bungalow

- Veda Bungalow

In-Room Facilities

Telephone Bathroom with hot and cold shower and amenities
All rooms with partial ocean view

Services & Activities

Restaurant Ayurvedic cuisine
Currency exchange Garden with medicinal plants
Yoga and meditation Sunbathing, with great ocean views

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