Sagara beach resort - 3*, Kovalam (Kerala)

Address: Sagara Beach Resort, Light House Road, Kovalam, Vizhinjam, Trivandrum, Kerala State, South India – 695523

Sagara Beach Resort is classified as a three-star hotel and is adjacent to the Light House at the southern end of Kovalam Beach. It overlooks and shares the Light House beach, the southernmost and most popular part of the crescent-shaped Kovalam Beach, which is the most popular beach destination of South India, veritably called 'the Paradise of the South’. Kovalam is just 15 km from the International Airport at Thiruvananthapuram, and 14 km from the Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station, near the southern tip of the Indian Subcontinent.

Sagara Beach Resort is a great option for those looking for comfortable accommodation during their visit to Kovalam. Guests can enjoy the golden sands, swaying coconut palms, the serene atmosphere and the inviting blue sea which will make the stay a memorable experience. This resort offers a range of facilities for relaxation including a swimming pool and an Ayurvedic spa.

Ayurveda at Sagara Beach Resort

Various Ayurvedic treatments, including massage treatments for various diseases and for rejuvenation, are conducted under the expert supervision of qualified practitioners, who has forty years experience in the field.

Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity of ancient India which led the world in health-and-wellness knowledge and practice. It is a genuine naturalistic system based on the diagnosis of the three humours of the body, viz. vata, pitta and kapha, and treatments aimed at restoring the right balance of these three in the body. It is also based on the theory that man is made of five basic elements, viz. earth, water, fire, air and space.

Unlike the allopathic system of medicine, it focuses more on the holistic spiritual, mental, physical and social wellness and welfare of the man than on the treatment of some diseases. Even in the treatment of the diseases, it treats the root causes rather than the symptoms as allopathic system often does. Ayurveda is traditionally used extensively all over India to maintain the health and prevent diseases rather than to treat diseases after they have set in.

Dietary controls, natural medications, body massages, nasal inhalations, fomentations, continuous pouring of medicated oils, exposure to sun, infusion of medications through the rectum, exercises, etc are used to root out physical and mental diseases, rejuvenate the body and increase resistance to diseases.

When it comes to health and wellness, it is the widespread practice of traditional and undiluted Ayurveda in its pristine form that has helped Kerala to achieve this enviable position. The high humidity of the atmosphere in Kerala is helpful in the easy absorption of the massaging oils by the body. The natural abundance of medicinal herbs and the perennially salubrious climate combine with the right medicines to work wonders on the human body and mind. Favourable climate and unpolluted atmosphere are key factors in making purification and rejuvenation therapies in Ayurveda really effective, and Kerala has both of these. Generally, Kerala is considered the only place in India where Ayurveda is practiced in its genuine traditional form with total dedication. Tourists with life-style-related ailments like arthritis, paralysis, obesity, sinusitis, migraine, premature ageing and skin ailments, come to Kerala for holistic Ayurvedic treatment to root out the causes of the maladies.

Yoga at Sagara Beach Resort

There is a Yoga Centre where qualified Yoga Gurus (Teachers) give training and teach the intricacies of the science of Yoga, the one-way highway to the wholesome well-being of the soul, mind and body. Facilities for short-term Yoga treatments are also provided.


- Standard Non Sea View

- Dlx Non Sea View

- Palace Sea View

- Suite Sea View

- Honey Moon Suite Sea View

In-Room Facilities

LCD tv with satellite channels Telephone
Refrigerator Air conditioner
Bathroom with shower Coffee and tea making facilities

Services & Activities

Wi-fi Currency exchange
Parking Laundry
Babysitters Book Airline tickets, Rail and Taxi
Kathakali performance Martial art
Outdoor games Multinational cuisine
Restaurant Swimming pools

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