Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort 3*, Varkala (Kerala)

Address: Thiruvambadi Beach, P.O.Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695305, India


Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort is majestically set on the coast line of the Arabian Sea at Varkala, the only place in southern India where one can find laterite cliffs hugging the shores of the Arabian Sea. Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort offers a quiet tranquil stay in perfect harmony with the nature along with natural breeze from the sea caressing you like a lullaby. The imposing red laterite cliff coupled with natural mineral springs cleanses your body and mind. An experience that is spiritual and divine is what awaits the weary tourists. Yes, Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort is indeed a place true to its word “Rest Assured Naturally”.

Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resorts is 3 km from Varkala Railway Station. It is 35 km from Kollam and 54 km from the cultural sites at Thiruvananthapuram.

This tastefully laid out spanking new resort with an ethnic architecture is indeed a warm and welcoming sight for sore eyes. The contours of the land and the coconut palms have been judiciously left intact with a marvelous open-air restaurant overlooking the beach and offering stunning view of endless sunsets setting the horizon ablaze every evening.

At Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort, your stay is designed in traditional simple 13 cottages with sea view in Vasantham and exclusive herbal garden view 5 cottages in Sisiram in a way preserving the environment and beauty of land, opening out to the tropical garden, the compact rooms offer warm colour schemes. Most of the delightful cottages in Vasantham have direct sea view with A/c facilities with hygienic bath rooms. The cottages of Sisiram at Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort having thatched roof in traditional kerala style and the herbal plants fragrance enhances the healing effect. Guests can relax in the pool under the huge expanse of beautiful sky, in the midst of a sprawling lawn, beneath the cocos the only infinity sea view pool at varkala.

They provide contemporary cuisines focusing on the concept of a healthy diet that are fresh, organic, and biodynamic. They emphasize on the concept of an individual menu screened by the doctors for balancing the constitution of an individual. They promise premium fresh ingredients retaining its natural goodness, taste and flavour in all their diets. Absolutely pathyam Ayurveda Restaurant is a place for you to be balanced. The ‘Prakrithi’ roof top restaurant offers a visual feast of panoramic views of Arabian Sea, with a wide array of fresh food & beverage, to please every member of your group, which makes your dining experience memorable.

Ayurveda at Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort

“Ayu” + “Veda” or “Ayurveda” which comprises the science of life is perhaps the oldest established system of medicine to the world. It is not mere health faculty dealing with rejuvenation therapy more over it is the curing wisdom of the coming world, it focuses on preventive not only curative health care.

According to Ayurveda, the human body is comprised of three body states which include Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Vata consists of elements air and water, which gives us movement & activity. Pitta includes the elements Fire & Water which are responsible for heat, appetite & digestion. Kapha characterized by elements earth & water, which are responsible for water & other bodily fluids. When these three bodies’ states are in perfect harmony, the individual enjoys good health, where as an imbalance in body states cause disease. Ayurveda seeks to address this state of imbalance through a process of holistic healing.

Ayurveda is treatment optimized for individual care by regulating life style and food habits along with natural medication and minor surgical procedures. Ayurveda has the power to heal quickly the sufferings even in acute condition.Panchakarma is some of the selected choices of sixty types of treatment (shashti - upakrama) narrated by Ayurveda to deal with different stages or diseases.

Ayurveda has also different branches of specialization to deal different cases like in modern science. In Ayurveda there are eight major divisions came to known as ‘Ashtanga Ayurveda’. Kaya chikitsa (general medicine) Shalya tanthra ( surgical medicine) Shalakya chikitsa ( E.N.T medicine ) prasoothi thantra (Obstetrics & gynecology) kaumarabruthya (pediatrics) Graha chikitsa (psychiatry) Agada Tantra (toxicology) swasthavrutham (preventive medicine) Vaajikarana chikitsa (infertility & sexology) Rasayana chikitsa (geriatrics).

At the same time Ayurveda reveals you that one who always resorts to desirable food and regimen is indifferent to sensual affairs, munificent, straight forward, honest, having patience and who values traditional wisdom will never be affected by the disease. Ayurveda has the knowledge base and methodologies to provide health care throughout the course of life, from the antenatal period to the geriatric stage.

The physician designs an exclusive programme that matches the individual‘s body constitution and mental make up . Therapeutic massages and short –term treatments for minor ailments like back pain are rendered only on the physician’s advice, and under his/her constant supervision.

Yoga at Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort

Yoga is a spiritual science of life and has been accepted as a solution for the ills of the life styles in the present age. At’ Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort’ they have a YOGAVEDASHALA or the school of yoga for our guests to experience the calming effect of yoga and meditation. They provide an advanced clinical yoga by incorporating the doctor and yoga master thus type of Yogasanas are scientifically designed. There are two sessions of Yoga for the guest each day. Come experience the power of Yoga in reducing stress and stress induced disorders also regain the easiness of the body.

Yoga means unity or oneness and is derived from sanskrit word yuj, means to join, Keeping stress away may not be possible all the time, but one can always mitigate it. The ideal therapy is Yoga Meditation, a systematic process in which you work with the more external aspects of your being, and then move inward, with more subtle practices, which gently take you to mediation the specific stretches or postures, survey or relaxation methods, breathing practices and types of meditation will also vary, depending on your level of expertise and predispositions.


Greeshmam: Naturally built with wood and coconut leaf roofed room is seafacing and you may feel cool breeze all the time of your stay is one of the best room of Krishnatheeram who looks for a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Sisiram: These rooms are in our Ayurveda Block across the road, with an exclusive Herbal Garden View, and the fragrance of herbs enhances the healing effect. You can feel the tranquility in these rooms.

Vasantham: Guests at our resort will experiencediverse lighting, as well as rustic colour accents giving the rooms a fresh and tasteful new look. Each one of the contemporary 25 cottages and 05 single rooms provides an array of amenities that combines the needs of the weary tourist with all the comforts expected in a resort. All rooms offer a work desk and also incorporate a bathroom with either a shower over the bath or a separate shower.

Fact sheet

In-Room Facilities

24 Hrs Front Desk Daily housekeeping
Private bathroom Tiled Floors
Packaged Drinking Water Soft Pillows
Daily News Paper 24 Hrs Hot/ Cold Water

Services & Activities

High Speed Wi-Fi at Lobby Major Credit Cards/Debit Cards Accepted
Safe Locker facility at Reception Outdoor restaurant overlooking the beach
Beauty salon with a lounge Library
International telephony Conference
News stand Gift shop

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