Kadaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort 3*+, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)

Address: Kadaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort, Cheriyettu, Edava, Varkala, Trivandrum, Kerala - 695311, INDIA


Kadal is sea and theeram is shore – Kadaltheeram is a beach resort, from where you enjoy the pristine climate, serene backwaters and the soothing power of Ayurveda. Everything at Kadaltheeram is specially designed for the peace-of-mind seeking traveler – delivered in an ambient atmosphere. This is the place in God's Own Country, where culture, nature, Ayurveda and fine delicacies come together to give you a very special treat. If you are in Kerala, don't miss Kadaltheeram and the richness, serenity, ambience and delicacies offered here.

Kadaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort is 8 km from the Kappil Beach and Backwaters and 10 km from the Ponnumthuruth Island, also famously known as the Golden Island. The Varkala Railway Station and Varkala Bus Station are 10 km away from the property while the Trivandrum International Airport is 35 km away.

Ayurveda at Kadaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort

Back in the resort, Authentic Ayurvedic massages to calm your mind and sooth your nerves, the pristine climate gives you a reason to get away from the rat race of modern life. Ayurveda is not just about the massages or treatments you get, it is also the divine science of life. The sacred knowledge of life compiled by ancient seers and passed on through several dedicated practitioners of this medicine now offers solutions to the pressing problems that people face. Be it health problems or mental problems – Ayurveda has the solutions.

Ayurvedic treatments are available for almost all the diseases known to man. However, not all Ayurveda practitioners are the same. Kerala is home to some good Ayurvedic treatment centers. You can find treatments for arthritis, lifestyle diseases, and more.

A simple massage can calm you. It can also detoxify your body by releasing the toxins accumulated within your body over several years. Ayurveda is a way of life too. There are exact guidelines to leading your daily life, with elaborate directions on when to wake up, how to go about your profession, the means and requirements of maintaining healthy life, family life, social life, etc.

Ayurveda is the most holistic treatment. A physician instructs treatments only after he can ascertain the physical and mental conditions of the person. As such, any major treatment in Ayurveda is a special treatment, formulated according to the condition of the patient by the physician. Ayurvedic treatments make use of medicines prepared from select herbs. Ayurveda is not about immediate relief from the symptoms of the disease, but about routing the cause of the condition and strengthening the body to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Yoga at Kadaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort

Ayurveda and Yoga are both ancient sciences from India. They are known as sister sciences, as the principles of these two sciences overlap everywhere. Both sciences have more than it appears to the eyes. Ayurveda also endorses Yoga as part of your daily routine. Yoga is not just a form of exercise. It is also about a complete lifestyle, which helps you stay away from evil and lead a healthy, peaceful life. Yoga also has a spiritual aspect, taking you closer to the divine power. There are several institutes and masters in Kerala that teach yoga in its elaborate form.

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