Atmantan Wellness Resort - 5*, Mulshi - Pune

Address: Village Palse, Tamhini Ghat Rd, Mulshi, Maharashtra 412108, India


Atmantan is one of the new luxury Wellness resort nestled on a sprawling 42 acres of lush green valley, Atmantan has it abode in the Majestic Sahyadris, overlooking the pristine Mulshi Lake and offers spectacular views of the lake and valley and seamlessly merges into the foliaged landscape.

Atmantan is located in Mulshi, (a hill station near Pune and is only a 3 hours drive from Mumbai and 1hr 30 minutes from Pune International Airport.

Atmantan was built as the embodiment of the ideas of its founders Nikhil Kapur, who is a fitness enthusiast and an ideologist of a healthy lifestyle, and his wife Sharmila Agarwal Kapoor, who practices in the field of prana restoration.

Ayurveda at Atmantan

Guests who come to Atmantan for health holidays have different aims and varying lengths of duration, depending on their wellness needs at the time. The team of diverse and talented practitioners, therapists and instructors all work together to create a synergistic fusion of integrated wellness, so that you are able to achieve supreme life enhancement and happiness.

Atmantan applies only well-studied methods and programs to improve not only the body, but also the psychological and mental state of a person. Atmantan offers a vast range of spa and beauty treatments, ranging from serious and deep ayurvedic treatments, as well as traditional methods and massages of Chinese and Taoist medicine, to modern Western spa treatments.

In Atmantan there are 7 practicing Ayurvedic and spa doctors and 25 therapists under the supervision of the director of the wellness center and Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Manoja Kutteri, a third generation specialist in the field of naturotherapy, and also educated in the US in the field of medicine, psychology and business administration.

The resort also has a luxurious hamam, Turkish bath, steam and infrared sauna, Balneotherapy and Hydrocolonotherapy equipment (bowel cleansing).

The resort has a well equipped gym which is a real paradise for fitness lovers.

Wellness Packages

The wellness packages at Atmantan are synergistic and have been consciously designed to target very specific needs and goals. They are also highly personalized and can be tailored to the individual’s wellness requirements

ATMANTAN LIVING – 3, 5 and 7 nights

For first timers looking for an auspicious start to wellness. A package specially dsigned for beginners to join a healthy lifestyle, includes exquisite and nutritious spa cuisine, initial light Ayurvedic and spa treatments, water treatments, regular fitness classes, yoga and meditation.

SPA LIFE – 3, 5 and 7 nights

This package is suitable for those who are looking for complete rest, relaxation and stress relief with a variety of spa treatments that include aromatherapy massages and a variety of facial and body scrubs, water treatments, classes yoga and meditation and a nutritious spa-kitchen, which means an abundance of vegetables and fruits, a variety of flavors and flavors for healing and rejuvenation of the body.

MASTER CLEANSE 3, 5, 7, 10 and 14 nights

This is a combination of complex of traditional naturotherapy and modern methods for complete body cleansing and weight correction, which includes various massages, wraps and scrubs for healing, rejuvenating and improving the cellular respiration of the skin, colon hydrotherapy, manual lymph drainage, Qi Nei Zang massage, balneotherapy, purification of prana, personal yoga, meditation and pranayama.

WEIGHT BALANCE – 5, 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28 nights

This package is intended for people with diabetes, insulin resistant and those who have metabolic problems. The package includes a survey and determination of the state of health, endurance and the upcoming physical exertion based on the VO2 max system. Based on the results obtained, a full range of activities will be developed, including boxing and kickboxing, walking, a variety of cardio and strength training, pilates, cross-training or anti-gravity exercises, exercises on a vibrating platform and much more. Strengthened physical training alternates with hydrotherapy, deep cellulite body massages, diet (spa cuisine), yoga and mediation, pranayama.


This retreat provides you an opportunity to start anew on the inspiring path of Yoga or for deepening your current practice of Yoga. This retreat provides you with the right guidance towards imbibing the principles of Yoga as you experience its wonderful lifestyle benefits. This luxury yoga retreat at Atmantan is not only movement and breath congruence but becomes your very way of living.

AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA – 7, 10, 14, 21 and 28 nights

Honoring this ancient Vedic practice of healing, this traditional AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA retreat at Atmantan is a journey of discovery, cleansing and awakening of your healing energies and under the care of a highly skilled Ayurvedic doctor. At your initial consultation your personality type or your Dosha will be diagnosed from whereon a personalized daily treatment schedule will be formulated for you. Even the nutrition shall be prescribed from the exclusive Ayurvedic Spa Cuisine and will be Dosha specific to enhance your remedial inception. Hence, the cuisine and the Ayurvedic treatments together deepen the effects of this healing tradition.


Incorporating a diverse range of natural therapies, scientifically researched spa treatments, regular movement and mindfulness practices, the HOLISTIC HEALTH program at Atmantan will guide you on the journey of self-discovery, and in the process empowering you to unlock your own body’s natural abilities to self-heal.


If you wish to take your fitness to a greater level and diversify your threshold training to further enhance your physical fitness, strength and endurance, then you can most certainly achieve this with the Atmantan FITNESS CHALLENGE. And for those who are looking to push themselves beyond their previous echelons, this intensive retreat at Atmantan has been designed to raise your fitness levels by crafting a regime of path breaking workouts that are customized for you and overseen by a team of international instructors.


Atmantan’s Restorative Physiotherapy is a research based program that offers holistic, guest-centered treatment and management for a whole range of physical conditions. This program helps to optimize both health and well-being aspects of an individual thereby restoring their physical function and performance.


The resort has 106 luxury rooms. The rooms are located in one- and two-storey mansions, located on the green territory of the resort. All rooms are furnished with great taste and they provide everything necessary for the convenience of guests. The bedrooms have been furnished with plush King or Twin sized beds and sink-in loungers. Floor-to-ceiling view windows bathe the room in natural light, and when need be, the blackout curtains enable guests to transform the room from day to night for precious shut-eye.

ASOKA & ARJUNA GARDEN GROVES are spacious Garden facing rooms.

ACACIA & ALMATAS LAKE GROVES are breath-taking Lake facing rooms.

THE MANGO TREE VILLA is an indulgent, private, one-bedroom suite villa at Atmantan. With glass walled living spaces, a personal infinity pool overlooking the lake waters, a couple spa and a gravity defying pagoda with sweeping views of the valley & lake, this villa is exclusive to its core.

Facilities and Services

Indoor salt-water swimming pool, laundry, Turkish bath/hot tub/jacuzzi/sauna, Modern fitness centre, Barber/Beauty Shop (chargeable),Mini golf, bowling, billiards, games room, Luggage storage, Foreign currency exchange, Express check in check-in/check-out, non-smoking rooms, free Wi-Fi (only in the rooms) , transfers from/to the Airport (chargeable), 24-hour front desk, Business Center/Conference/banquet facilities (chargeable), newspapers.

*Important note-the resort no mobile coverage, which helps create the atmosphere of the full switching on their health.

Cuisine at Atmantan

Come get a taste of true therapeutic gastronomy at Atmantan. A wholesome,organic, seasonal, local and nutritionally dense ingredients are the basic building blocks of healthy cuisine. These ingredients are used to prepare delicious healthy dishes to delight the uests. The food is designed to enhance and restore health and increase strength and longevity. Atmantan’s kitchens are supplied with products from their own organic farms.


550 sq m, 3 bedrooms, meals and spa treatments included, pool.

This modern and luxurious three-bedroom villa is located at the highest point of the retreat and offers a panoramic view of the Western Ghats.Enjoy complimentary meals at any of our outlets and daily spa treatments at Shillim Spa (terms and conditions apply to meals and treatments). Relax on the private deck and, swim in the private pool. The presidential villa features a kitchenette, a wine cellar, an espresso machine and personal butler service.

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